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NADA continually gathers and analyzes the latest automotive industry trends in order to keep you informed and to provide crucial guidance for every business decision on the purchase, sale, loan, lease or assessment of a used vehicle. We publish monthly NADA Guidelines, which recaps industry activity, predicts what lies ahead in the marketplace and explains movement in the used vehicle valuation market. Also every month our executive automotive analysts present comprehensive video market overviews and blogs based on this extensive knowledge base and expertise.



July 2015 Guidelines >

With the first half of the year now behind us, one could say used vehicle prices have held up well despite mounting pressure from the new vehicle market and rise in supply. After all, NADA UCG’s index slipped by just 0.6% over the first half of 2015 compared to the all-time high reached over the same period in 2014. In addition, depreciation year-to-date (YTD) stands at 9% relative to all of 2014, which is only moderately higher than the 7.2% rate recorded last year and less than the nearly 10% YTD fall logged in 2013.  Download July Guidelines here >

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NADA Used Car Guide & Commercial Truck May 2014 Market Overview >

Executive Automotive Analyst, Jonathan Banks and Senior Commercial Truck Analyst,Chris Visser, report on the latest monthly insight on the used car, truck and commercial truck market. View the videos >


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Next-Gen Tesla Roadster Planned For 2019 >

Last week, Tesla announced it would be adding a Ludicrous mode to certain versions of the Tesla Model S. In that same press release, they noted a higher...
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Wholesale Pricing Generally Unchanged Going into Second Half >

On a mileage-adjusted basis, the used truck market overall saw little change in pricing from May. Combined with this month’s increased sales volume, we...
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