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NADA continually gathers and analyzes the latest automotive industry trends in order to keep you informed and to provide crucial guidance for every business decision on the purchase, sale, loan, lease or assessment of a used vehicle. We publish monthly NADA Guidelines, which recaps industry activity, predicts what lies ahead in the marketplace and explains movement in the used vehicle valuation market. Also every month our executive automotive analysts present comprehensive video market overviews and blogs based on this extensive knowledge base and expertise.



November 2014 Guidelines >

Our monthly economic reports are beginning to get repetitive, but we would rather repeat good news than bad. The two real negatives remain the equities markets ― in a funk since September ― and housing which continues to disappoint even our slightly revised forecasts. Yet, in spite of these two negative aspects, economic growth looks set to pick up as we move through the rest of the year. Things look well enough for us to revise our 2014 gross domestic product upward slightly to 2.1 percent ― though we leave light vehicles unchanged at 16.4 million. Download November Guidelines here >

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NADA Used Car Guide & Commercial Truck October 2014 Market Overview >

Executive Automotive Analyst, Jonathan Banks and Senior Commercial Truck Analyst,Chris Visser, report on the latest monthly insight on the used car, truck and commercial truck market. . View the videos >


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NADA Gears: Daily Auto News, November 24 - 26 >

Nov. 25 FR-S to Remain Coupe Only, No Turbo Either At the Los Angeles Auto Show, Wards  was able to interview Doug Murtha, Senior Vice President...
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Average Retail Pricing Hits New Record as Supply of Low-Mileage Trucks Increases >

The ongoing increase in the supply of lower-mileage sleeper tractors pushed our average to an all-time high In October, coming in at $61,073 - $1,717 ...
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