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NADA continually gathers and analyzes the latest automotive industry trends in order to keep you informed and to provide crucial guidance for every business decision on the purchase, sale, loan, lease or assessment of a used vehicle. We publish monthly NADA Guidelines, which recaps industry activity, predicts what lies ahead in the marketplace and explains movement in the used vehicle valuation market. Also every month our executive automotive analysts present comprehensive video market overviews and blogs based on this extensive knowledge base and expertise.



October 2014 Guidelines >

We are only a few months into our reporting on the economy and we already feel as though “enough said” about U.S. economic growth and motor vehicle sales. Of course the last time we were this optimistic was the summer of 2007, but let’s not go there. We don’t want to undervalue the changes wrought in the economy in the very slow and hard slog back to growth, but we do think the risks to U.S. growth and the automotive sector in North America have been overplayed in the press lately. Download October Guidelines here >

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NADA Used Car Guide & Commercial Truck October 2014 Market Overview >

Executive Automotive Analyst, Jonathan Banks and Senior Commercial Truck Analyst,Chris Visser, report on the latest monthly insight on the used car, truck and commercial truck market. . View the videos >


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NADA Gears: Daily Auto News, October 20 - 24 >

October 24 The Nemesis Trion Supercars is set to debut the all-new Nemesis in early 2016. This $1,000,000+ supercar will come with a 9.0L twin turbo...
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Average Retail Pricing Pulled Back in September >

The average sleeper tractor retailed in September for $1,103 (or 1.8%) less than August, despite average mileage 8,577 (or 1.7%) lower. This mild downward...
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