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NADA continually gathers and analyzes the latest automotive industry trends in order to keep you informed and to provide crucial guidance for every business decision on the purchase, sale, loan, lease or assessment of a used vehicle. We publish monthly NADA Guidelines, which recaps industry activity, predicts what lies ahead in the marketplace and explains movement in the used vehicle valuation market. Also every month our executive automotive analysts present comprehensive video market overviews and blogs based on this extensive knowledge base and expertise.



April 2015 Guidelines >

The used vehicle market made up for lost ground in March, as thawing temperatures allowed dealers and consumers to re-engage one another after harsh winter weather crimped market activity over the first two months of the year. Prices of used vehicles up to eight years in age improved by 2.3% on a monthly basis in March, which was 1.5 percentage points more than February’s tepid 0.8% rise. It was also the highest increase recorded since March 2014 when prices ballooned by over 4%. Download April Guidelines here >

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NADA Used Car Guide & Commercial Truck March 2014 Market Overview >

Executive Automotive Analyst, Jonathan Banks and Senior Commercial Truck Analyst,Chris Visser, report on the latest monthly insight on the used car, truck and commercial truck market. View the videos >


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April Commercial Truck Market Update Video is Available! >

After a severe winter that kept a lid on retail sales, volume came back up to a healthy level in March. Dealers sold an estimated 6.2 trucks per rooftop...
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