NADA Guidelines is a must-have resource for analysis and information on the current state of the automotive market, as well as that of the overall economy. This market report compiles a robust data set from various industry sources as well as from our own propriety analytical tool, to deliver the insight you need to make decisions in today’s market.



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December 2010 Guidelines

We’re rounding out the year with two consecutive months (October and November) of the new vehicle market topping 12M (SAAR) retail sales. Given the strength exhibited throughout the fall, NADA believes values will be strong in December and will move up in January, pointing to a healthy used vehicle market in 2011.
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November 2010 Guidelines

As we near the end of the year, demand for used vehicles remains strong. Although profits are up, margins have taken a hit. AuctionNet prices have shown a continuation of normal depreciation across most model years. As for trucks, there’s been no letup in used truck value retention.
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October 2010 Guidelines

Overall, the used vehicle market continues to look strong, though NADA anticipates an estimated 1 percent to 1.5 percent decline in used vehicle prices. The uncertainty in the economy continues to support value-based purchases, and realistic production levels have kept new vehicle inventory and incentives in check. AuctionNet prices for September continued to show strength and stability across many truck segments.
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September 2010 Guidelines

Historically, the used market begins its annual decline in September. This year’s depreciation will be flatter, due to tighter inventory on the new vehicle side, which has alleviated aggressive sell-down incentives on the current model year. Vehicle values are falling by about 1 percent, as opposed to the typical 2 to 4 percent decline at this time of year, and AuctionNet shows a flattening depreciation curve.
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August 2010 Guidelines

Economic recovery is still slow, but used car values only experienced a minor depreciation in most sub-segments. Consumers are searching out deals and are still shying away from high-dollar vehicles. AuctionNet price performance in July validated NADA’s early predictions of a strong used vehicle market.
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July 2010 Guidelines

Find even more 2010MY models in this edition — a 350 percent increase over 2009MY. July will see minor value depreciation in sub-segments, and overall depreciation seems to be lower than seasonal expectations. The most recent auction prices suggest that we may be returning to actual price depreciation.
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June 2010 Guidelines

Auction prices declined in May, with several key segments continuing to slightly appreciate. Prices for vehicles one to five years old declined by a half percent. Overall, the industry’s strength is expected to moderate in the second half of the year, though some segments continue to outperform expectations.
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April 2010 Guidelines

Auction prices rose last month, but have now cooled to reflect nominal seasonal declines. Overall, the automotive market continues to improve, as does consumer confidence. If incentives remain low and if manufacturers remain focused on APR and lease programs, then used vehicle prices will remain strong.
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March 2010 Guidelines

The Toyota recall has dominated the automotive industry for the past six weeks now. Get NADA’s analysis in the March Guidelines. Plus, auction prices showed positive movement during the first two weeks of March, following typical seasonal trends.
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February 2010 Guidelines

See how the Toyota recall will impact NADA’s values. On a more general note, the used car market is expected to strengthen going forward, due to stabilized fuel prices, early signs of economic recovery and manufacturers’ desire to meet demand.
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January 2010 Guidelines

Early prices at auction and in high-volume segments show a slight increase over December 2009 sales. And if gas prices reach and sustain a price over $3.00 per gallon within the next few months, car sales prices will increase even further.
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