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December 2013 Guidelines

Used Car and Light-Duty Truck Guidelines: After diving by 3.5% in October, the rate of used vehicle depreciation slowed substantially in November as wholesale prices for units up to eight years in age fell by 1.5% on a prior-month basis. The month’s rather strong showing pushed NADA’s seasonally adjusted used vehicle price index to 125.6 in November, up 1.8 points from October’s figure of 123.8. This is the highest point reached on NADA’s index, surpassing the previous high of 125.0 set back in December 2012. Download December Used Car Guidelines here.

Commercial Truck Guidelines: Sales volume was back up to a typical level in October, following an unexpected drop in September. Retail pricing remained close to the record, while wholesale pricing was down slightly thanks to a mix of trucks with mildly higher mileage. An analysis of 2010 models shows Cummins-equipped International ProStars now fully market-competitive. Download December Commercial Truck Guidelines here.


November 2013 Guidelines

The political impasse that led to the two-week long federal government closure at the beginning of October affected consumer confidence enough to ding both new vehicle sales and used prices for the month. Download>


October 2013 Guidelines

Historically the rate of used vehicle depreciation begins to accelerate in September as the shifting of consumer attention towards more pressing seasonal obligations and larger quantities of one year old units entering the used market converge to apply downward pressure to prices. Download>


September 2013 Guidelines

Maintaining the steady course followed since the beginning of the summer, used vehicle prices slipped by 1.1% in August, matching the average rate of decline recorded in the prior two months. August’s dip was mild relative to what was recorded for the month over the past two years, as prices fell by 1.5% and 2.3% in August 2012 and 2011, respectively. Download>


August 2013 Guidelines

After falling by a mild 1.1% in June, used vehicle depreciation tightened up even more last month. Prices for used units up to eight model years in age fell by just 1.0% in July, a figure substanially better than July 012’s 2.6% loss and one lower than 2011’s drop of 1.6%. Download>


July 2013 Guidelines

After falling by 2.1% in May, depreciation for used units up to eight model years in age slowed to just 1.1% in June, a figure in line with NADA’s 1.3% forecast stated in last month’s edition of Guidelines. This June’s modest decline was substantially less than what has historically been recorded for the month, and as a result, NADA’s seasonally adjusted used vehicle price index jumped to 123.4 from May’s figure of 121.9. Download >


June 2013 Guidelines

Used vehicle prices fall the most in 7 months, but prices remain high overall. Used vehicle prices for units up to eight years in age fell by 2.1% in May, and while this is the largest drop observed since October 2012’s fall of 2.9%, the month’s loss was relatively mild from a seasonal standpoint. Download > 


May 2013 Guidelines

After increasing by 1.2% in March, used vehicle prices for units up to eight model years in age fell by 1.7% on an over-the-month basis in April. This is the steepest decline recorded since November 2012’s loss of 1.5% and a figure that exceeded April 2012’s fall of 0.5% by more than a full percentage point. Download >


April 2013 Guidelines

Wholesale vehicle prices improved for the second month in a row in March, but as expected, price growth was mild compared to what is typically seen for the period. Following an over-the-month increase of 0.8% in February, prices for used units up to eight years in age grew by an additional 1.2% in March, substantially less than the nearly 3% increase recorded for the month last year. Download >


March 2013 Guidelines

As is typical for the period, wholesale prices for units up to 8 years in age rose in February, but the modest 0.8% improvement was well below the 3.0% increase observed for the month in the previous two years. In addition, February’s tepid performance dropped NADA’s seasonally-adjusted used vehicle prices index to 122.7, which is a figure 1.4% lower than January’s level and just 0.9% higher than February 2012’s read-ing of 121.6. Download >


February 2013 Guidelines

As expected, the earlier than normal uptick in demand witnessed in late November and December – which typically occurs after the start of a new year but was pulled ahead by the fallout from Hurricane Sandy – helped to keep wholesale price movement to a minimum last month. Download >



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