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Class 8 Retail Depreciation Still Subdued

The average sleeper tractor retailed in October was 67 months old, had 462,534 miles, and brought $56,690.. Compared to September, the average sleeper was 1 month newer, had 6,876 (1.5%) more miles, and brought $276 (0.5%) more money. 

Mild Pullback in Retail Pricing for Late-Model Trucks

Average pricing for late-model trucks pulled back slightly month-over-month, as a higher volume of lower-priced models filtered through the market.

August Retail Market Unchanged from July

Predictably, August’s retail used truck market looked very similar to July’s. Dealers sold incrementally more trucks, while pricing was basically unchanged.

No Depreciation Yet in the Class 8 Market

Retail pricing once again showed little month-over-month change, while volume was slightly lower than predictions due to a lack of low-mileage trucks returning to the market...

Class 8 Retail Pricing Remains Stable on Higher Volume

Retail pricing remained stable for yet another month. Sales volume was moderately higher than last month, but there was still enough demand to absorb any increase in supply.

Demand for Low-Mileage Trucks Keeps Pricing Strong

Pricing was essentially unchanged from last month. Sales volume remained subdued as fleets kept their lower-mileage trucks in service rather than trading them in as expected...

Retail Pricing Stays Strong as Market Absorbs Supply

April was another month with stable pricing. Retail sales volume was lower than expected, and the predicted increase in trades has not yet come to pass...

Class 8 Retail Market Holds Steady

March’s pricing was generally flat compared to February. This is a positive result, as it suggests healthier demand is counteracting the depressive effect of higher supply...

Higher Volumes Suppress February Retail Pricing

February’s pricing was down substantially from January. As predicted, a greater volume of late-model trucks is impacting pricing, with some dealers selling multiple-unit packages at aggressive retail prices...

January’s Retail Numbers were Strong

Class 8 selling prices in January were solid, continuing December’s uplift. Trucks of most age cohorts were up firmly compared to the same period of last year...

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