Dealer Sales Volume Stabilized, as Predicted

With 100% of our retail data collected from the dealer channel, we now know that – as predicted – March’s volume was slightly higher than February’s. March came in at 6.3 trucks retailed per rooftop – 0.2 higher than February...

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Auction Volume Roared Back in March

Pent-up demand following the rough winter combined with an extra week of sales collected resulted in a massive increase in number of trucks reported sold through auctions in March. In fact, this month represented the highest volume reported since May of 2010...

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Return to Stability for Dealer Sales Volume?

With approximately 60% of our March sales data collected from the dealer channel, we are predicting that dealers retailed an average of 6.4 trucks per rooftop in March. This result would be higher than February by 0.3 trucks, and would represent the first time volume has been stable for two months in a row since late spring of 2013...

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April Commercial Truck Guidelines is Available for Download!

In this month's issue of Commercial Truck Guidelines, retail and wholesale volume both returned to trend in February, after an anomalous January. Retail sleeper tractor pricing remains at record highs. Wholesale pricing is back to average levels, with age and mileage figures returning to typical positions. The market for medium duty trucks recovered to an extent, with mild strength in the Class 4 conventional segment and notable changes in the Class 6 segment. Class 8 pricing is highly dependent on engine and transmission spec, as a special study explores. Read the full report here.

Effect of Specs on Price, Continued

Tuesday, we looked at the impact of engine and transmission spec on 3-year-old sleeper tractors. Today, we’ll look at the same data for 5-year-old trucks, to see if market dynamics remain consistent for slightly older trucks...

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What Effect do Engine and Transmission Specs have on Price?

As part of our periodic internal review of option and spec pricing, we recently looked at CY2013 average retail pricing for aerodynamic models broken down by engine and transmission. We limited engine to the larger proprietary and vendor offerings, which basically means the C13, ISM, MP7, and D11 were excluded...

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Wholesale Sleeper Market Returned to Trend in February

After an extremely unusual January in which a very young, low-mileage mix of trucks sold through wholesale channels, February’s results returned closer to the trend in most measures...

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Retail Sleeper Pricing Remained Hot through Cold Winter

With 100% of February sales data collected, we know that this winter’s severe weather had no effect on record pricing for sleeper tractors. The average sleeper tractor sold through retail channels in February brought $56,226, had 528,788 miles, and was 78 months old...

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Changes Underway in the Class 6 Conventional Market

Last month, we stated that January’s results for our 4-7 year-old benchmark average were an anomaly due to extremely low volume driven by extreme weather. We now know that February’s volume was also unusually low (the lowest in at least 5 years), so we’re now looking at additional market factors...

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Cabover Segment Thaws Out

The medium duty cabover segment returned to trend in February after an essentially moribund January. Auction sales collected by NADA show our benchmark 4-7 year-old, Class 3-4 cabover with under 200,000 miles selling for an average of $13,668. Average mileage for that cohort was 112,307 miles. Volume was up notably, although still off the average...

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