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Class 8 Retail Market Holds Steady

March’s pricing was generally flat compared to February. This is a positive result, as it suggests healthier demand is counteracting the depressive effect of higher supply...

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What's Driving the Price of Diesel?

Those who have sat through one of my presentations in the past few years have heard me say, “Fracking was a game changer, and there’s no reason why diesel should be back to $4.00 a gallon anytime soon.” The $4.00 figure is still a long way off, but we have passed the $3.00 level...

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Sales Volume Dipped in April

The average number of used trucks retailed at each of our reporting dealerships dropped unexpectedly in April, coming in at 4.9 per rooftop...

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Retail Pricing Stays Strong as Market Absorbs Supply

April was another month with stable pricing. Retail sales volume was lower than expected, and the predicted increase in trades has not yet come to pass...

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No Increase in Class 8 Supply Yet

Volume at the auctions we monitor remains lower than predicted. The number of trades entering the market had not yet ramped up to expected levels as of May...

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Demand for Low-Mileage Trucks Keeps Pricing Strong

Pricing was essentially unchanged from last month. Sales volume remained subdued as fleets kept their lower-mileage trucks in service rather than trading them in as expected...

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Medium Duty Segments Recovered Ground in May

Medium duty conventionals recovered some ground in May, particularly in heavier-GVW segments. Cabovers held steady.

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Volume Returns to the Auctions

We finally saw an upward bump in volume of trucks sold at auction in June. The volume of the three most popular sleeper tractors sold through the two largest nationwide auction companies jumped from 135 to 298 trucks that month...

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Class 8 Retail Pricing Remains Stable on Higher Volume

Retail pricing remained stable for yet another month. Sales volume was moderately higher than last month, but there was still enough demand to absorb any increase in supply.

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Glider Production Limit is Back on Again... for Now

James Jaillet reports in Commercial Carrier Journal that Acting EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler plans to enforce the existing 300-unit limit on completed, pre-emissions glider kits until his agency completes a formal rule rescinding the limit.

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