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ATD/NADA Official Commercial Truck Guide® Update

The second quarter is proving to be more opaque than the first. After an uptick early in the year, average retail selling prices for the highway sleeper tractor market have been essentially flat since February. The benchmark four-year-old sleeper tractor unexpectedly declined from April to May. Retail sales per dealership saw a steep decline for May, although volume from OEM’s was similar to last month. To read more, download the full version here.

June ATD/NADA Official Commercial Truck Guidelines

The June ATD/NADA Official Commercial Guidelines are available. Average selling price of sleeper tractors for April up $1,200 over March despite higher average mileage. There was a 10% increase in the number of trucks reportedly sold in April. Used truck industry trends forecast to continue upward despite economic headwinds. To read the full Guidelines, download here.

Commercial Truck May Guidelines

The average selling price for 4YO trucks is 40% higher than 1Q 2010. The volume of dealer sales is up 25% over February. NADA's used truck price forecast remains high despite shifting market factors. To read read more on the Commercial Truck May Guidelines, download here.

Commercial Truck April Guidelines

The average mileage, age, and selling price of sleeper tractors retailed and wholesaled in February continued to climb upwards in unison. Dealers retailed a slightly higher number of used trucks in this period, with wholesale sales decreasing by a comparable amount.

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