As of this month, 2018 is the current model year. As such, a four-year-old truck is now represented by the 2014 model year. This is the newest model year with a robust volume of used sales data. To get a feel for how these trucks are performing in the marketplace, we prepared a chart showing average retail selling price in calendar year 2016 broken down by model, engine, and transmission. See below for the chart and analysis.

Surprisingly, the Peterbilt 579/MX/Manual performed highest in this group. This result is unexpected, since MX-powered trucks have not typically brought more money than ISX-powered units, all else being equal. One factor at work here is the substantially lower mileage of the MX-powered units in this study – just over 100,000 fewer miles than ISX-powered 579’s. Our mileage adjustment reduces the unadjusted price difference of the two trucks by $2,112, but this adjustment may be a bit light in this specific example. Fundamentally, the 579 is one of the freshest models available to the market, which bolsters resale value.

The Volvo 780/D13/Auto took the second-highest spot. This model typically has a higher level of equipment than other models, although that factor is basically limited to interior trim and number of trucks equipped with 10 aluminum wheels. Volvo’s iShift brings a premium compared to a 10-speed manual in the used market, although manual-equipped 780’s did well in this comparison as well.

Another surprise was the Freightliner Cascadia. That model was the highest-volume sleeper tractor sold at auction in 2016, so it would be logical to expect its value to suffer. However, Cascadias with the DD15/DT12 combination brought strong money. Manual-equipped Cascadias with the DD15 also performed better than their supply would suggest.

Other models in the study fell into a narrower price range, commensurate with the age of their design and volume available to the market. One notable standout is the International ProStar/ISX/Manual, which brought money competitive with the Volvo 670, Mack CX, and MX-equipped Kenworth T660’s. This is an encouraging sign for the ProStar.

Stay tuned throughout the year for further analysis of the used truck market.