By now you may have read that December new truck orders jumped up 31% from November, making that month the second-highest of the year. It looks like used truck sales at the dealership level may have taken an unexpected leap as well. With just under 80% of our December reports received, we’re currently looking at about a 22% increase over November. As you can see from the graph, if this result holds, December will be among the best months of the year.

These results support the theory that new and used purchasing behavior was influenced by the Section 179 tax incentive. November may have suffered because buyers completed their fiscal-year 2011 purchases by then, locking in the tax benefits. But December was a clean slate. As such, the bump in volume indicates confidence in demand for freight in the new year.

As for pricing, we have not yet received enough data to comment. Stay tuned for an early look at that data next week.