Medium duty trucks in most segments were little changed in April. Average selling prices for our various benchmark groups varied based on swings in mileage and age, but individual trucks generally didn't gain or lose notable value.


Starting with Class 3-4 cabovers, pricing of our benchmark cohort dropped in April due to a higher-mileage mix of trucks sold. April’s average pricing was $17,498, which was $4,977 (22.1%) lower than March, and $3,093 (21.5%) higher than April 2016. Based on the notably lower pricing for higher-mileage equipment, we continue to view market strength as concentrated on the newest trucks. See graph below for detail.



Looking at conventionals, Class 6’s increased a bit in April, while Class 4’s were essentially unchanged. Lighter-GVW trucks continue to outperform their heavier counterparts.

Specifically, Class 4’s averaged $20,988 in April. This figure is $72 (0.3%) lower than March, and $9 (0.0%) lower than April 2016. Class 6’s averaged $19,982 in April. This figure is $1,414 (7.6%) higher than March, and $4 (or 0.0%) lower than April 2016.

Through April, Class 4 trucks are running 8.1% ahead of the same period of 2016, with mileage averaging 3.1% lower. Pricing for Class 6 trucks is 9.3% lower, with mileage 15.9% higher.

Volume for Class 4 was very similar to last month, while volume for Class 6 increased notably. Demand should continue to incrementally improve in upcoming months for trucks of all GVW classes. See graph below for detail.