Please note: This blog entry has been updated. An earlier version did not include analysis of data from a late-reporting auction.

Volume of the most common sleeper tractors auctioned this month was up moderately from July, mainly due to one model. Pricing was largely flat, with model-year 2011-2013 trucks losing 1.1% of their value on average month-over-month.

August auction performance of our benchmark model was as follows:

MY2013: $28,602 average; $473 (1.6%) lower than July

MY2012: $25,139 average; $371 (1.5%) higher than July

MY2011: $22,610 average; $865 (3.7%) lower than July

In the first 8 months of the year, trucks of model year 2011 averaged 2.3% depreciation per month, trucks of model year 2012 depreciated 1.0% per month, and trucks of model year 2013 depreciated 0.4% per month.

We remain focused on model years 2011-2013 because volume is still concentrated on those years. Three- and four-year-old trucks are still scarce in the auction lanes, particularly compared to last year.