Starting with Class 3-4 cabovers, November’s average pricing moved back upwards for another month. Volume was down moderately compared to October, and trucks sold were generally lower in mileage. November’s average pricing was $15,031, which was $1,503 (11.1%) higher than October, and $976 (6.9%) higher than November 2016. In general, pricing for trucks of similar age and mileage was little changed month-over-month.


See the “Average Wholesale Selling Price: 4- to 7- Year-Old Class 3-4 Cabovers” graph for detail.


The conventional market in November was little changed from October, with our Class 4 average dipping mildly, and our Class 6 average essentially identical. Volume was down notably for Class 4, and very similar for Class 6.

Specifically, Class 4’s averaged $17,833 in November. This figure is $721 (3.9%) lower than October, and $544 (3.0%) lower than November 2016. Class 6’s remained somewhat depressed in November, averaging $14,475. This figure is $114 (0.8%) higher than November, and $1,726 (or 10.7%) lower than November 2016.

In the first 11 months of 2017, Class 4 trucks lost 1.7% of their value each month. While strong, this figure is behind the same period of 2016, in which trucks were essentially flat. Year-over-year pricing for our benchmark age group of Class 4 trucks is essentially identical to 2016.

In Class 6, monthly depreciation in 2017 has averaged 2.5%, which is comparable to last year’s 2.6%. Class 6 trucks in our benchmark age group are running 11.8% behind 2016. A higher-mileage mix of trucks sold is partially responsible for the lower average pricing.