Our calendar-year 2017 database is complete. This robust set of transactions enables us to make observations on how individual makes and models performed, broken out by drivetrain spec. The graphs below show average retail selling prices of four-year-old (MY2014) sleeper tractors sold in CY2017, adjusted for mileage. Analysis follows the graphs.

The results show our published J.D. Power/NADA values in line with the market, both in model vs. model and spec vs. spec. As has been the case all year, PACCAR’s newer models, the Peterbilt 579 and Kenworth T680, generally lead the market along with Volvo’s 780. The Freightliner Cascadia performs well given its volume in the marketplace, particularly with the less-common 13 speed traditional manual transmission. Despite the increasing popularity of automated manual transmissions (AMT’s), multispeed traditional manuals (13-18 speed) still generally brought a premium over AMT’s in 2017. AMT’s did outperform traditional 10 speed manuals, slotting roughly between a 10 speed and a 13 speed. Proprietary engines were mixed depending on make, with Freightliner’s DD15 leading the ISX, Volvo’s D13 performing about even, and PACCAR’s MX trailing.

This is a very general look at what the market looked like in 2017. We regularly perform much deeper analysis for clients. Contact Chris Visser at chris.visser@jdpa.com for inquiries.