Class 8 selling prices in January were solid, continuing December’s uplift. Trucks of most age cohorts were up firmly compared to the same period of last year.

The average sleeper tractor retailed in January was 74 months old, had 458,697 miles, and brought $51,254. Compared to December, the average sleeper was 4 months older, had 26,772 (6.2%) more miles, and brought $3,924 (8.3%) more money. Compared to January 2017, this average sleeper was 2 months newer, had 6,936 (1.5%) more miles, and brought $3,905 (8.2%) more money.

Looking at trucks three to five years of age, average pricing was as follows:

Model year 2016: $90,645; - $4,036 (4.7%) higher than December

Model year 2015: $66,604; $3,678 (5.2%) lower than December

Model year 2014: $55,565; - $1,574 (2.9%) higher than December

On a year-over-year basis, late-model trucks sold in January averaged 7.6% higher than January 2017.

We predict mildly to moderately stronger used truck volume in 2018, as customers become more confident about the economy. At the same time, more stringent ELD and drug testing rules are limiting the pool of drivers to a degree. Looking at depreciation, we’re keeping our forecast at roughly 2% per month, as economic improvements should be counterbalanced by the predicted increase in used truck supply.