The graphs below compare average retail selling prices for four-year-old (2008 model year) sleeper tractors. The first graph outlines aerodynamic sleeper tractors. The second outlines traditionally-styled owner-operator sleeper tractors. Data is an average of all retail sales that we collected in calendar year 2011. We have adjusted the figures for mileage. We have NOT adjusted the figures for engine type.

The graphs suggest that the higher-volume trucks generally bring less money than the lower-volume trucks, as you would expect. However, there are exceptions – notably the Freightliner Century Class on the high end and the Kenworth T2000 on the low end.

We’ll see how these comparisons hold up when we dive deeper into this data and investigate the variable of engine make/size in an upcoming blog post. In the meantime, let us know how these results match up with your market experience by commenting below.