We finally saw an upward bump in volume of trucks sold at auction in June. The volume of the three most popular sleeper tractors sold through the two largest nationwide auction companies jumped from 135 to 298 trucks that month. While a 121% increase sounds massive, keep in mind volume typically fluctuates wildly month over month based on seasonality and fleet trade-in strategies. The 298 figure merely matches March’s total, but it marks a return to levels more in line with expectations.

Despite the increased volume, pricing for our benchmark model was mixed, with no real indications of a market shift. See below for detail.

Model year 2015: $41,250 average; $1,750 (4.1%) lower than May

Model year 2014: $37,500 average; $1,500 (4.2%) higher than May

Model year 2013: $28,850 average; $1,650 (5.4%) lower than May

Model year 2012: $25,800 average; $50 (0.2%) higher than May

Model year 2011: $20,500 average; $250 (1.2%) higher than May

Year-over-year, trucks four to six years of age sold in the first six months of 2018 brought 19% more money than the same period in 2017.

Demand is still outstripping supply in the late-model, low-mileage segment. In upcoming months, fleets will take delivery of the additional new trucks they’ve ordered, and trade activity will increase. We’ll see more normal market dynamics at that point.