Despite mixed word of mouth, the data provided to us by dealers and OEM’s is not providing much reason for pessimism. With about 70% of our April retail sales data received, we are projecting a minor decrease in average selling price of sleeper tractors due to a proportional increase in average mileage. Specifically, expect April’s average price to decrease about 4% due to an average mileage increase of about the same amount.

Average mileage has hovered around the 550,000 mark since the end of 2011, and selling price rises and falls based on proximity to that point. This behavior is logical, since 550,000 miles is the point at which most trucks are due for an overhaul if they haven’t already had one.

Average selling prices are clearly higher than they were this time last year, despite substantially higher mileage. Price has leveled out at around $47,000 for trucks with just under 550,000 miles.

With pricing stabilized at this historically high level, a guaranteed lean returning supply of used trucks for the upcoming multiyear period, and a slowly but steadily improving domestic economy, we remain bullish on used truck pricing. NADA invites any dealer with a different viewpoint to share their recent sales data to support their observations.