Mileage continues to be the determining factor in the wholesale selling price of a sleeper tractor. Specifically, 650,000 miles appears to be the point at which a truck loses value dramatically, as the graph below illustrates.

Since January, 2011, trucks with under 650K have averaged $35,220, while those with over 650K have averaged $27,374. For this period, the negative correlation between price and mileage has been a statistically strong -0.88%.

Interestingly, our data indicates that trucks with over 650K are making up an increasing share of the wholesale market. As the graph illustrates, the proportion of trucks with over 650K had been decreasing in late 2011, but rebounded steeply in early 2012.
One likely reason for this shift is the influx of trade-ins resulting from the increasing number of new truck sales during this period. Since the overall volume of sleeper tractors sold has remained roughly constant, this trend is further evidence that higher-mileage trucks are becoming the only units available.

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