My last blog examined the medium duty conventional market. We were able to establish that 135,000 miles is roughly the point at which a truck in that segment hits price resistance.

The cabover segment is more volatile (see graph). Since early 2011, average pricing has fluctuated from a high of $11,468 to a low of $8089. From that low to high point, mileage has only fluctuated by about 7300 – from 126,247 to 133,541.

One factor at work here is the relatively low sales volume of these trucks. Most months are under 200 units, which doesn’t provide a lot of smoothing out of month-to-month variation in age or condition. Another factor is the occasional large influx of trade-ins from rental companies hitting the auction lanes at the same time. Those trucks could have an outsized impact on a monthly average.

The volume graph below shows that volume has ticked upwards since January, and price has fallen since February. We are not yet ready to relate these two measures too closely. Until a price/mileage relationship starts to form, we are considering the cabover market flat.

New to NADA Used Car Guide!

We are now selling raw commercial vehicle auction data, as follows:

- Basic auction results including Make, Model, Mileage, Sale Type (dealer, manufacturer, fleet/lease, repossession, salvage), Sale Date, Sale Price, Region (20), and VIN for each record

- Auction results from all Manheim and ADESA locations, plus participating ABC, ServNet, and independent auctions

- Database is updated weekly, and includes historical sales back to 2002

- Raw data (.csv) format is easily manipulated in Access or Excel

Pricing is based on amount of data requested.  We can provide anything from a few months’ results for a single vehicle to every vehicle reported sold since 2002.

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