With the majority of our June data received, NADA is projecting that sleeper tractors brought 5.4% more money than in May. Specifically, NADA estimates that the average sleeper tractor sold in June brought $50,750, and had 537,000 miles. These figures compare favorably to May’s results, which were $48,026 and 550,613, respectively.

With new truck orders in a four-month slump, and used truck sales volume relatively low in May and June, an uptick in pricing is unexpected. June’s results are further evidence that demand for low- to average-mileage trucks remains high. The low supply of these trucks ensures price stability in the used market even as demand drops on the new side.

NADA attributes June’s increase in average price to lower average mileage. In the current market, trucks with mileage under 550,000 can be expected to bring higher than average prices, and vice-versa. June’s average mileage was under that well under that inflection point, while May’s was right at it.

As you can see in the graphs below, June featured a higher percentage of trucks sold in the 300-499,000 range. This difference is the likely driving force behind the increased number of trucks sold in the $50-69,000 price bracket.

The last of our June sales data continues to trickle in, so final numbers may change slightly. The final analysis will be published in the August edition of Guidelines.