With 99% of our July sales data received, we are showing that the average sleeper tractor retailed in July sold for $50,067, had 557,364 miles, and was 75 months old. July’s average price was up 1.7% over June and 5.2% over July, 2011. Average mileage was up 1.8% vs. June, and a substantial 7.7% over last July. Age was up only one month vs. June, but 6 months vs. last July.
July was only the second month in the past four years in which average price crested the $50,000 barrier (the other being October of last year).

The benchmark four-year-old sleeper tractor retailed for $65,948, less than 1% under June and 8.1% higher than July, 2011. July’s average mileage was 557,364, a 1.8% increase over June but 2.7% lower than July, 2011.

As you may recall, last week we projected a minor pullback in July pricing. After a largely flat first half, we are pleasantly surprised to see a two-month increase in average pricing despite higher mileage. We have consistently defined the market as strong for trucks with under 550,000 miles or so, and July’s results firmly support that assessment.

Stay tuned for a complete look at July’s retail and wholesale data in early September.