One major topic of discussion at last week’s Used Truck Association Convention was valuation of International ProStars equipped with MaxxForce engines. The reasons why this topic was popular are beyond the scope of today’s blog. What we will do is examine how MaxxForce-equipped sleeper tractors have fared in the marketplace vs. their ISX-equipped counterparts.

The charts below show average price, mileage, and horsepower ratings for retail and wholesale data reported to NADA for the January to October time periods (October data is still incoming). Data that would show only one unit sold has not been included. A monthly breakdown would provide more detail as to whether there has been a shift in pricing over time, but unfortunately the volume of data is not large enough to drill down to that level. The data presented below is the most accurate representation of marketplace performance we can currently provide.

On the retail side, the 2009 model year provides some basis of comparison. The $3822 difference can potentially be explained by the 69,095 difference in mileage and meaningful difference in horsepower ratings - both favoring the ISX-equipped trucks. For reference, those two factors would represent a $2170 adjustment in favor of the ISX trucks when booking them out with the ATD/NADA Official Commercial Truck Guide®. That still leaves $1652 to account for, but that figure is within the typical dealership vs. dealership range for similar trucks, so there’s really no definitive evidence here.

On the wholesale side, the 2010 model year provides the only ISX vs. MaxxForce comparison. Unfortunately, the population of MaxxForce trucks represented there is comprised entirely of one package of trucks sold by one dealership back in January. As such, it is not a statistically valid sample. The relatively strong performance of 2011 and 2012 model year trucks should provide a more meaningful basis of judgment.

Overall, there is no clear statistical evidence that there has been a massive difference in selling price for MaxxForce- vs. ISX-equipped ProStars. It is possible that any pricing trends are relatively recent. We will continue to closely monitor incoming data and reflect any developments in our valuations. In the meantime, your observations are welcome below.