In October, the retail sleeper market as a whole posted a minor $626 (or 1.3%) increase over September, coming in at $49,366. Mileage was very similar, at 551,773 – a 2214 (or 0.4%) increase over September.

Compared to last October, this month’s results were a mere $2 higher, with mileage 27,021 (or 4.9%) higher.
Year-to-date, 2012 is leading 2011 by $2922, with mileage 30,309 higher.

As you can see from the graph below, pre-DPF  trucks (’08 and older) have remained essentially flat since the beginning of this year, while newer iron has steadily depreciated. As we’ve said, some of this depreciation is “natural,” as the newest trucks enter the market in greater numbers and with higher mileage.

A the same time, the benchmark four-year-old sleeper has edged lower than same-period 2011 for three months in a row on a mileage-adjusted basis (see graph). This performance suggests softening demand for DPF-equipped iron.

We expect a continuation of these trends into early 2013. Stay tuned for a complete analysis of all current data in our December GuideLines, available early next week.