As I mentioned in my last blog post, mixed performance in 2012, depreciating moderately in the first through third quarters, and then leveling out in the fourth. Older sleepers exhibited the inverse pattern, holding relatively steady until the end of the year, when they lost value.


Despite this mixed performance, sleeper tractors sold in 2012 outperformed those sold in 2011 when measured by age (see graph). All but the newest measurable age cohorts (two-year-old and three-year-old) brought more money than their year-earlier counterparts.
For the most part, 2012’s higher average is attributable to stronger pricing in Q1-3. Prices paid in Q4 were comparable to slightly lower than the same period of 2011 on an age-adjusted basis.
The similar performance of the newest model years speaks to the high value buyers continue to place on low-mileage equipment. The higher prices paid for older equipment is evidence of strong demand early in 2012 that moderated as the year progressed.
Look for further analysis of these trends in the February edition of GuideLines available early next month.