Final February sales data shows that the average selling price of a sleeper tractor that month was $49,524. Average mileage was 539,315, and average age was 78 months. These results are very similar to both last month and year-prior. See graph for detail.

Specifically, February, 2013’s results were $800 (or 1.6%) higher on price, 3032 (or 0.6%) lower on mileage, and 1 month (or 1.3%) older vs. January, 2013. Year-over-year, February, 2013 was $433 (or 0.8%) higher on price, 7008 (or 1.3%) lower on mileage, and 6 months (or  7.7%) older.

Overall, the sleeper market has been extremely stable since the 4th quarter of 2011. There has been movement within specific age and mileage cohorts, but on average, selling prices and mileage have not changed appreciably throughout that period.

At the same time, one measure to watch is age. Sleeper tractors sold today are approximately 6 months older than those sold at the start of this period of stabilization (see graph). This difference is too minor to indicate any change in market dynamics, but if age continues to increase while mileage remains static, we can start to draw inferences about what’s being traded in and what’s selling.

Stay tuned for a deeper analysis of these and other factors in the April edition of Guidelines, available early next month.