Retail sales data submitted by dealers and OEM’s to NADA shows that the average sleeper tractor sold in March for $50,765. This figure represents the highest average price we’ve seen since our current data collection processes were put into place more than five years ago. This record result is $1241 (or 2.4%) higher than February’s, and $2079 (or 4.1%) higher than last March.

Mileage was admittedly slightly lower than the recent average, at 524,012. This figure is 15,995 (or 3.0%) lower than February’s, and 18,069 (or 3.3%) lower than last March. However, the last time we saw mileage at this level – in October of 2011 – average pricing was $1401 lower. In the real world, a truck with 525K is not going to bring appreciably more money than a truck with 540K. We therefore consider the impact of mileage on March’s pricing to be negligible to mild.
As for age, March’s average was 77. This figure is right in line with recent months – 1 month newer than February, and 3 months older than last March. Age was therefore not a factor in March’s record pricing.

Going forward, we expect retail pricing to remain stable, with mild fluctuations in our averages attributable to minor monthly swings in mileage and model mix. Demand for trucks with under 600,000 miles should remain strong, and the low build rate of 2009-2011 model year trucks points to a tight supply.