The spring of 2013 is shaping up to be a hot one for sleeper tractors. April built on March’s record high retail pricing, to come in at $51,391, a $626 (or 1.2%) increase. Year-over-year, April 2013 was $1694 (or 3.3%) higher than April 2012. See graph below for detail.

Like last month, average mileage was slightly lower than the recent mean, at 529,183. This figure is 5171 (or 1.0%) higher than March, but 18,091 (or 3.3%) lower than last April. April’s average mileage is lower than the most recent two-quarter average by about 10,000, which would make a negligible to mild impact on average pricing.

It looks like the main factor behind the increased pricing is the larger number of newer sleeper tractors entering the retail market. The 2009 and 2010 model years have notably increased their representation in the past two quarters, and are bringing money in the mid $50’s (2009) to the mid-$60’s (2010). See graph below for detail.
With higher-mileage trucks increasingly directed to the wholesale channel, the retail market should continue to return impressive pricing going forward.