After a promising first quarter, April’s wholesale results show a mild decrease in wholesale pricing for our sample population of Class 4-6 Conventionals. Volume was down as well.

Specifically, compared to March, Class 4 was down $538 (or 3.8%), Class 5 was down $978 (or 5.4%), and Class 6 was down $924 (or 5.7%). Compared to last April, Class 4 was down $909 (or 6.2%), Class 5 was down $853 (or 4.7%), and Class 6 was down a notable $4433 (or 22.4%). See graph for detail.

All classes were down substantially in volume vs. March. The biggest hit was in Class 6, with a 54.6% decrease month-over-month. However, this figure is compared to an unusually strong March. Tough month-over-month comparisons were true for Classes 4 and 5 as well. If March is taken out of the picture, April’s volume was comparable to other recent months.

With these vehicles exposed to (and participating in) a wide variety of economic segments, it is difficult to explain monthly changes in price. However, one possible explanation for April’s lower pricing is that dealers and end users focused on purchasing trucks in the first quarter, in advance of the Spring building and contracting season. In terms of volume, it is likely that fleet trades were responsible for a good portion of March’s unusually high numbers. Trade-in activity potentially then returned to more typical volume for April.

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