Over the past two months, fewer high-mileage sleeper tractors have cycled through the wholesale channel. Average mileage is down notably from its peak in March of this year, while pricing is up more than 15% from recent lows. May’s total wholesale volume decreased notably, although this decrease is not entirely attributable to Class 8 trucks.

Specifically, May’s average pricing of $28,468 was $4737 (or 16.6%) higher than March’s, while mileage decreased by 59,510 (or 8.0%) to 683,775. Trucks sold in May were a notable 10 months newer than those sold two months earlier.
This trend began in April, so month-over-month comparisons are not as impressive. May’s pricing was $963 (or 3.3%) lower than April’s, while mileage was 1673 (or 0.2%) lower. Age was 3 months newer. 
Year-over-year, May’s pricing decreased by $4129 (or 12.7%), while mileage increased by 50,448 (or 7.4%). Trucks sold in May of this year were 4 months newer than those sold a year ago.
The wholesale market continues to absorb trade-ins that were kept in service longer than typical during the recession. It is too early to tell whether this trend is abating, but with the trucking economy more than three years into recovery, we should be in the later part of that process.