Retail sleeper tractor pricing has been on a tear in 2013, with each month since March setting a new record. That streak came to an end in July - by a mere $121. Retail sales data submitted to NADA by dealers and OEM’s shows that the average sleeper tractor sold in July for $52,552, had 537,343 miles, and was 77 months old. See graph for detail.

Month-over-month, July’s result was $121 (or 0.2%) lower than June’s, with mileage 29,149 (or 5.1%) lower, and age 2 months older. Year-over-year, July, 2013 was $2485 (or 4.7%) higher on price, 20,021 (or 3.6%) lower on mileage, and 2 months older.

The reasons for continued high pricing have been covered extensively in NADA’s GuideLines and blogs, so we won’t rehash those factors at this time. Nothing has changed in the retail environment – July was simply the second-highest month in at least five years instead of the first. 
Stay tuned for wholesale numbers later this week.