We provided detailed market analysis in last month’s Guidelines, but one thing we didn’t show was how 2013 to date is shaping up vs. 2012. With that in mind, here’s how sleeper tractors performed in the first half of each year:

Retail Price
1H 2013 average: $50,789
1H 2012 average: $48,726
Difference: $2063 (or 4.1%) in favor of 2013.
Retail Mileage
1H 2013: 539,447
1H 2012: 546,416
Difference: Trucks sold in 1H 2013 had 6969 (or 1.3%) fewer miles.
Retail Age
1H 2013: 76.67 months
1H 2012: 73.67 months
Difference: Trucks sold in 2013 were three months newer.
Aside from a spike in July, average mileage has generally been decreasing since late last year. This trend is largely due to the younger mix of trucks sold in the retail channel. Through the spring of 2012, 2007 model year trucks had represented an outsized proportion of trucks sold. In the spring of this year, however, the 2009 and 2010 model years really came on-line, and 2007’s increasingly moved to the wholesale channel. We expect this trend to continue as ‘09s and ‘10s hit the meaty part of their trade-in cycle.
Stay tuned for wholesale results.