To follow up on my last post, here’s how the wholesale sleeper market performed in the first half of each year:

Wholesale Price
1H 2013 average: $25,777
1H 2012 average: $32,488
Difference: $6711 (or 20.7%) in favor of 2012.
Wholesale Mileage
1H 2013: 707,764
1H 2012: 636,954
Difference: Trucks sold in 1H 2013 had 70,810 (or 10.0%) more miles.
Wholesale Age
1H 2013: 90.3 months
1H 2012: 80.0 months
Difference: Trucks sold in 2013 were 10.3 months older.
The wholesale channel has performed inversely to the retail channel, with an older, higher-mileage mix filtering through the auctions in 2013. This year has also seen a higher volume of trucks reported sold through this channel - the majority with over 600,000 miles. At the same time, both age and mileage are down from their peaks earlier this year. 
The wholesale channel has absorbed increased trade-ins in 2013, but it is likely that we are past the peak volume of trucks that were kept in service longer than usual during the recession. Mileage and age should continue to return to the historical average, with pricing remaining strongly negatively correlated to mileage.