In the current edition of Guidelines, we look at retail pricing of 2008 model year sleeper tractors. Here’s that data for 2009 model year trucks:

2009’s depreciated more heavily in this 31-month period than their 2008 counterparts. Using our extremely basic linear depreciation tool as a benchmark, 2009’s lost an average of $960/month, while 2008’s depreciated $581/month over that same period. This difference is to be expected, since 2009’s were only three years old in January of 2011. Supply of three-year-old trucks is always tight, and with their low mileage, pricing will be extremely high until more of them enter the marketplace. That high initial pricing means these trucks will lose more of their value early on.
$960/month essentially means a buyer who purchased a 2009 sleeper tractor in January of 2011 with a trade-in worth $20,000-25,000 has kept even with depreciation.
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