There has been some discussion recently about activity in the medium duty markets. I say “markets” instead of “market” because the medium duty sector encompasses a huge variety of GVW’s and usage types – everything from cube vans to “baby 8” construction trucks. Rather than rehash word of mouth, let’s look at actual data.

We typically rely mainly on our retail sales database for Class 8 price data, but for medium duty trucks we rely more on auction data. This is due to the vastly greater number of medium duty trucks that are reported sold at auctions compared to retail lots. Our AuctionNet partnership with NAAA  is the main reason for this.

With that in mind, below are results to date for Class 3 Conventionals, Class 3+4 Cabovers, and Class 6 Conventionals. These segments traditionally see high amounts of activity, and provide a good cross-section of the various usage types. May data was not yet available at time of writing. I will update the charts next week with that data.
Class 6 Conventionals look the most promising, with about a $800 increase from February to April. Class 3 Conventionals also show upward movement. Cabovers fluctuated quite a bit, with no clear trend to be drawn.

Keep in mind that our auction data does not always include body equipment or condition, so month-to-month fluctuations in price could be attributable to product mix rather than actual market trends. At this point, though, I would not argue against an opinion that medium duty markets are improving. Feel free to post your observations below.