For the first time in the ATD/NADA Official Commercial Truck Guide’s® history, the number of individual dealers submitting sales reports to the company has broken the 200 mark. August’s total was 205, up from a previous high of 182 in June of this year. Increased incentives from OEM’s to encourage dealers to participate are largely responsible for the increase. 

Individual dealers provide NADA with approximately 54% of the total commercial vehicle retail sales data we collect. The remainder is provided by OEM’s and OEM-linked used truck operations. Individual dealers also contribute to NADA’s wholesale database, which is combined with auction data. 

The more sales data we collect, the more accurately we can reflect the market. This benefits all of our customers – dealers, finance companies, insurance companies, government agencies, consulting firms, and other segments.

To become a reporting dealer, please contact Chris Visser at