If there was any question that the used truck market was starting to level out, August’s retail pricing put it to rest. The average retail selling price of a sleeper tractor in August was $54,090. This average beats the record set in June of this year by $1266 (or 2.3%). An increase in the number of sub-500,000 trucks sold - mainly represented by the 2010 model year - is largely responsible for the strong pricing. However, the increase was not so great as to impact average mileage or age, both of which were nearly spot-on the year-to-date average. See graph below for detail. 

The marketplace seems to be placing a premium on 2010’s, most likely because they feature low average mileage and are the first model year to feature SCR technology. With most 2010’s now in service for well over four years, we can expect to see more of them traded in over the next 12 months. 
August’s wholesale pricing also increased vs. July. Stay tuned for that data later this week.