As a counterpart to the medium duty graph a few days ago, let’s take a look at how construction trucks have performed so far this year. Due to the low sales volume of this segment of the market, I’ve combined retail, wholesale, and auction sales into one graph. This is legitimate from a statistical standpoint because we’re looking for a trend rather than absolute numbers.

Trucks included are all body types, all model years, adjusted for mileage.

As you can see, our data shows an increase from January to February, followed by an essentially flat market. The average mileage, age, and spec mix of trucks sold in January were comparable to other months, so the increase should be at least partly attributable to actual demand.

While the construction market in general has been essentially moribund since the recession began, I suspect there was a minor increase in activity in the beginning of the year – not on any macro level, but perhaps on a select, localized level. Again, due to the low sales volume inherent to this segment, it is difficult to draw any conclusions if one looks at selected body types (ie. only mixers).

We will continue to monitor this market segment closely and reflect any price trends in our values.