Looking first at Class 6 conventionals, volume was very similar to last month and average mileage was in line with the year-to-date average, so it is valid to say there was relaxed demand for this group this month. Class 6’s came in at $13,009 - down $1498 (or 10.3%) vs. September, with mileage of 186,810 – up 9716 (or 5.2%) vs. September. With similar volume month-over-month, it is not likely that there was an increased supply of trucks. Buyers were just not there in October. See Class 6 graph below for detail.

Class 4 conventionals fared better, coming in at $13,060 - $367 (or 2.8%) higher than September, with mileage of 113,900 – 5635 or (4.9%) higher. There was simply not much change in demand or supply for this group. See Class 4 graph below for detail.

Supply of trucks with over 100,000 miles appears more than enough to meet demand. Exceptions to this rule are trucks with heavy specs, ie. light construction, and trucks with mileage under 100,000. Those niches enjoy a more attractive supply/demand relationship.