The price of the average sleeper tractor retailed in November once again set a new record, coming in at $55,063 – $1698 (or 3.1%) higher than last month, and $973 (or 1.8%) higher than the previous record set in August of this year. Average mileage was 527,606 – 4497 (or 0.9%) higher than last month, and 9974 (or 1.9%) lower than August. See graph below for detail.

The main factor behind this high average is the increased number of model-year 2012 and particularly 2011 sleeper tractors available to the marketplace. October saw a major increase in the number of 2011’s sold, and November was at a similar level. 2011’s turned in a volume equal to 2009’s, and are now tied for second place behind the 2010 model year. 

2012’s have not yet depreciated to any notable extent, but the average selling price of 2011’s took a hit in October, concurrent with the increased volume. November’s pricing was only slightly lower than October’s, though, and still high enough compared to older model years to keep the overall average at an elevated level. 

Drilling deeper into November’s data, pricing for most model years was flat to mildly downward. It’s the increased number of high-priced 2011 and 2012 sleepers that’s keeping our average at a record level.

Stay tuned next week for a look at the wholesale side of the market.