The average sleeper tractor wholesaled in November brought a price very similar to October, at $29,994 vs. $29,283, respectively. This result put November $711 (or 2.4%) higher. Average mileage dipped moderately, coming in at 639,780 vs. 663,235. This figure put November 23,455 (or 3.5%) lower.

As you can see in the graph below, we are now at the end of an arc in average mileage that began in late 2012. Average mileage hit its peak in March of 2013, at 743,285. This arc roughly coincides with the domination of the 2007 model year in terms of volume, and was likely represented largely by trucks that were kept in service longer than usual during the recession. Those trucks have now filtered through the secondary market, bringing average mileage down closer to the historical trend.

Word of mouth suggested a drop in volume in the auction channel in November, but our data shows only a mild dip vs. October. September was an unusually high volume month, so perhaps contributors are comparing November to that month. In any case, nothing in our data points to any notable shift in the wholesale market.

Please note that this will be the final Commercial Vehicle Blog update of 2013. Thank you for keeping up with our data and opinions throughout the year. A wide range of factors point to a possible acceleration in the rate of economic recovery in 2014, and we certainly hope you participate and benefit. Stay tuned for more analysis in early January.