Class 8 construction trucks ended 2013 on the uptick after a relatively weak September and October. November and December came back strong, resulting in essentially no depreciation for the full year for 5-7 year-old trucks on average. This result compares favorably to the mild depreciation seen for CY2012.

Specifically, using an unscientific method of comparing the average of the first two months of the year to the last two months, we arrive at a difference of +0.4%. This means our data shows that 5-7 year-old construction trucks actually gained a fraction of value over this 12-month period. Compare this result to 2012, which returned a difference of -9.6% using the same methodology. See graph below for detail.

There were also more trucks in this cohort reported sold in 2013 – a total of 304 vs. 242 in 2012. Stable pricing combined with higher volume generally suggests a strengthening market.

Reasons for this improvement are centered around the continuing general economic recovery. Please see the most recent edition of Guidelines for a synopsis of where we see economic factors currently.