Sales volume in both the retail and wholesale channels recovered moderately in February after a weather-impacted January. February saw its share of severe weather, but buyers do not appear to have stayed home to the extent they did in January. 

In the retail channel, with about 60% of our data collected, sales per rooftop should come in at about 5.8 trucks. This figure would be 0.5 truck (or 8.6%) higher than January, and almost equal to February, 2013. If this estimate holds, it would represent a continuation of the see-saw pattern that has been in place since June of last year. See graph below for detail.

In the wholesale channel, looking specifically at auction activity, NADA received 2981 records of medium and heavy trucks sold. This figure is 195 trucks (or 6.5%) higher than January, and 164 trucks (or 5.5%) higher than February, 2013.

We expect volatility to relax in the 2nd quarter. Take a look at this month’s edition of Guidelines for deeper analysis.