With 100% of February sales data collected, we know that this winter’s severe weather had no effect on record pricing for sleeper tractors. The average sleeper tractor sold through retail channels in February brought $56,226, had 528,788 miles, and was 78 months old. 

Month-over-month, pricing was off January’s record by just $262 (or 0.5%). Mileage was up 8024 (or 1.5%), and age was 1 month older. Year-over-year, February’s pricing was $6720 (or 12.0%) higher, mileage was 11,251 (or 2.1%) lower, and age was identical. See graph below for detail.

Trucks from the 2011 model year continue to push our average to record levels as they enter the market in greater numbers. In December of 2013, this vintage overtook 2010 as the most-common model year sold in the retail market. This month was an exception, with 2009’s outselling all other model years for the first time in 4 months. 2009’s averaged 554,063 miles this month, putting them at a relatively attractive point in their price/mileage cycle. See graph below for detail.

Volume was up substantially in February, suggesting that weather was less of a factor than in January. We expect volatility in this measure to relax mildly as we progress through spring.

Stay tuned for wholesale results on Thursday.