The June 23rd edition of Successful Dealer talks about the used truck market. The article states that we are in a “seller’s market,” which I doubt anyone involved in the used truck industry would disagree with. The article also raised an important point about financing – some lenders are still having a hard time recognizing that used truck prices have risen as much as they have in the past year and a half. As we stated in the May edition of Guidelines, four-year-old trucks brought almost 40% more money in 1Q 2011 than they did in 1Q 2010.

Also, as I mentioned in a previous blog, some lenders may be using only our base values and excluding options/accessories and mileage. While any business is entitled to use our values as they see fit, a complete NADA valuation includes all adjustments.

As always, I’m here to clarify any of these issues. Just send an e-mail to