Tuesday, we looked at the impact of engine and transmission spec on 3-year-old sleeper tractors. Today, we’ll look at the same data for 5-year-old trucks, to see if market dynamics remain consistent for slightly older trucks. In calendar year 2013, 5-year-old trucks were 2009 model year.

Starting at the top, we see that Volvo’s 780 once again outperformed the market, but this time when equipped with a D13. The market once again preferred a manual transmission with this engine. The 730/780-series performed extremely well in this age cohort, claiming 5 out of the top 6 spots. 

Kenworth’s T660 outperformed most of the competition when equipped with the ISX/manual combination, and the T2000 returned a surprisingly strong result for a model that was near the end of its life cycle at the time. The T2000’s performance was additionally unusual for the superior performance of C15-equipped trucks vs. their ISX-equipped counterparts. Most other models performed better when equipped with the ISX. 

Freightliner’s Cascadia moved down a few notches in this age cohort. Interestingly, the market placed more value on the tried-and-true Detroit 14.0L than the then-new DD15.

Another unexpected result was the relatively poor performance of the Volvo 630 when equipped with the D16/iShift combination. The market appears to prefer a manual transmission with a high-horsepower mid-roof sleeper at this age and mileage point.

The final observation is that the ISX brings the most money when equipped with a manual transmission, as all trucks so-equipped outperformed their automated counterparts.

Stay tuned for a wrapup of this study early next week.