With approximately 60% of our March sales data collected from the dealer channel, we are predicting that dealers retailed an average of 6.4 trucks per rooftop in March. This result would be higher than February by 0.3 trucks, and would represent the first time volume has been stable for two months in a row since late spring of 2013. See graph below for detail.

As readers of this blog and Guidelines know, for the past 9 months, retail sales per rooftop have see-sawed each month by more than 1.0 trucks (or 16%). Uncertainty caused by the political/budgetary issues of mid-late 2013 was partly responsible for this instability, and severe winter weather was a contributor late in the year and into January of this year. With the political issues now largely behind us and winter out of the way, external factors influencing demand are greatly reduced. As such, we expect monthly fluctuations to level out. Dealers may expect more consistency in the number of customers visiting the lots and walking out with a new-to-them truck.

Stay tuned for wholesale volume results next week.