Pent-up demand following the rough winter combined with an extra week of sales collected resulted in a massive increase in number of trucks reported sold through auctions in March. In fact, this month represented the highest volume reported since May of 2010. 

Auction shoppers ventured out in greater numbers in February vs. January, but the floodgates really opened in March. Month-over-month, March’s total of 4183 trucks was higher than February’s by 1202 (or 28.7%). Year-over-year, March 2014 was 1109 (or 26.5%) higher. See graph below for detail.

By “extra week of sales,” we mean that the timing of our data collection processes resulted in one additional week of sales being collected in March compared to February. However, even if we split that “extra” week evenly between February and March, March still comes out ahead by more than 500 trucks. That additional volume is explained by typical early-spring seasonality amplified by the severe winter.

Stay tuned for pricing data later this week.