Following a huge March, the volume of trucks reported sold at auction in April looks tame by comparison, coming in at 3076 vs. 4183. As we reported, March’s unusually high results were due to three main factors: Pent-up demand following the harsh winter, a traditionally strong month for sales, and somewhat unique timing of our reporting process that resulted in extra days reported in March vs. February.

With four full months of auction sales in our database, 2014’s monthly average is running slightly ahead of same-period 2013’s, at 3184 vs. 3040, respectively. This figure supports our prediction that 2014 will perform slightly ahead of 2013 and comfortably ahead of 2012 and 2011, while not meeting the high water mark set in 2010. 

We are still compiling April dealer-to-dealer sales data, and will have April wholesale pricing available next week. Stay tuned.