Class 4’s were essentially flat in April, with average wholesale pricing for 4-7 year-old trucks down moderately month-over-month in step with a proportional increase in average mileage

Specifically, this group returned $16,218 in April - $1363 (or 7.8%) lower than March, but $2449 (or 15.1%) higher than April 2013. Mileage was 116,572 – 17,827 (or 15.3%) higher than March, and 4596 (or 3.8%) lower than April 2013. Note that the graph is a 2-month moving average, with explains why pricing appears to have increased in April.

Volume was down slightly from last month, at 36 - still well off the 2013 average of 50 trucks per month. Due to the relatively low price of new trucks in this segment, demand for used Class 4’s potentially decreases as buyers gain confidence in their business and employment outlook and turn to new trucks. This factor could keep a lid on price increases for average-mileage trucks.