The number of trucks reported sold at auction decreased moderately in July, coming in at 2742 – a 529 (or 16.2%) decrease from June, and a 236 (or 7.9%) decrease from July 2013. Year-to-date results are still positive, however, with 2014 sales totaling 21,483 – a 519 (or 2.5%) increase over same-period 2013. See graph below.

The unusually strong March is responsible for the year-over-year increase. Outside of that variable, monthly volume is similar to last year. However, the market has shifted notably, with increased numbers of 2-5 year-old trucks – as well as older trucks with over 900,000 miles – comprising an increased proportion of sales. The factors driving this shift have been examined in this blog and Guidelines.

Despite July’s dip, NADA continues to forecast total 2014 wholesale volume (auction plus dealer-to-dealer sales) to come in roughly 5% ahead of 2013 by December.

Stay tuned for pricing data next week.